Портативная складная солнечная батарея 6000A 4W Solar RP6000-4

Solar RP6000-4
Портативная складная солнечная батарея. Мощность: 6000A, 4W.

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NEW Solar Quick Charger 6000m Ah?Three solar panels of foldable, Elaborate and fashion, White
Product features:

Charge for most of laptops, cell phones, digital cameras, MP3, MP4

Based on it’s lithium polymer battery’s advantages of longer rechargeable life

Light in weight

Elaborate, fashionable

Three solar panels of foldable and easy carrying

Smart protection clip: over-charging?overload, short-circuit and battery Indicator

The diameters of the product’s input and output ports are different which will avoid the problem of inserting plugs wrongly


Product specifications:

Charging mode: 1. B y home electricity source

               2. B y solar power

Built-in battery capacity: 3000/6000 m Ah (Li-Polymer battery)

Solar panel: 4W

Input current: 1000 m A

Input voltage: DC5V

Output voltage/current: DC5V 1A (Max), DC9V 0.7A (max)

Weight: 0.42 kg


Package Include:

Solar Charge*1

Connect wire*2

Cell phone connector*8


Operation manual*1
Solar RP6000-4
Solar RP6000-4