Портативная солнечная складная батарея 7W 5.5V Solar RP-FD7-5.5

Solar RP-FD7-5.5
Портативная солнечная складная батарея. Мощность: 7W, 5.5V.
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This Solar Panel (7W) can transforms solar radiation energy into electrical energy by 
assimilating sunlight. Made of high quality material, and is Waterproof. Portable & 
Lightweight, you can carry it anywhere you go. It will provide you with a long lifespan. 
Suitable for mobile phone, digital camera, MP3, MP4, PDA , GPS, etc. Widely applied 
for outdoor hiking, riding, driving, traveling, etc.
1. Achievement of transformation between solar radiation energy and electrical energy.
2. Made of PET laminated, PVC Waterproof fabric.
3.Hung on the bags or set up on the floor to charge. 
4. Portable & Lightweight. Carry it anywhere.
5. Provide you with a long period of service.
6. Handily charge your digital devices.
1.Due to the intensity of sunlight, the charging to your mobile often is not 
2.Solar panels can only generate electricity, can't store electricity.
3.It can not work in bad weather. 
Package Includes:
1 x Solar Panel with USB Port (7W)
1. Output Voltage: 5.5V
2. Output Current: 1300mA
3. Output Interface: USB female socket
4.Solar Panel Rated Wattage: 7W
5.Working Temperature: -20 ~ 80?
6.Life of Solar Panel: above 15 years
7. Solar Energy Conversion Efficiency: 17.8%
8. Material: PET laminated, PVC waterproof fabric
9. Suitable for: Mobile Phone / Digital camera / MP3 / MP4 / PDA / GPS etc
10.Color: Camouflage
11.Net Weight: 302g
12.Gross Weight: 389g
13.Opened Size: 510*193*3 mm 
     Closed Size: 193*110*27 mm                                        
14.Packing Size: 260* 200*30mm 
Solar RP-FD7-5.5
Solar RP-FD7-5.5
Solar RP-FD7-5.5



Solar RP-FD7-5.5