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Новая точка потолочного исполнения с поддержкой MESH. Не требует проводного подключения к общей сети, удобна для построения офисных сетей, в гостиницах, кампусах, ученбных заведениях. Поддерживает роуминг.Под заказ. Аналогичный товар - Senao ECB3500
  • The M36 is a smoke detector looking Wireless Access Point / Universal Repeater / WDS that operates seamlessly in the 2.4 GHz frequency spectrum supporting the 802.11b (2.4GHz, 11Mbps) and Super high speed of 802.11g (2.4GHz, 108Mbps) wireless standards. It's the best wa y to add wireless capability to your existing wired network, or to add bandwidth to your wireless installation.
  • M36 features high transmitted output power and high receivable sensitivity along with antenna diversity. High output power and high sensitivity can extend range and coverage to reduce the roaming between Access Points to get a more stable wireless connection. It also reduces the expense of equipment in the same environment. To protect your wireless connectivity, it can encrypt all wireless transmissions through 64/128-bit WEP data encryption and also supports WPA/WPA2. The MAC address filter lets you select exactly which stations should have access to your network. In addition, the User Isolation function can protect the private network between client users.
  • The attractive design, high performance, and array of features make M36 a suitable wireless solution for your residence or office.
  • Пример организации mesh топологии
  • M36