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Omni- Wireless Antenna / 9 dB, N-Type Female Connector, 5.1~5.8GHz

PheeNet ANT58-109ON Wireless Antenna is a 5100 ~ 5800MHZ 9dBi Omni- Wireless Antenna with N-Type Female Connector and DC Ground Lighting Protection, which is designed for Outdoor WLAN Application. The Omni Wireless Antenna is applied to link two Access Point between two locations such as two buildings or more. With all the features, ANT58-109ON Wireless Antenna is an ideal device for 5.8G Wireless LANs, public wireless hotspot application and other multipoint applications where wide coverage is needed.
  • 1. Omni- Wireless antenna
  • 2. Working on 5100 ~ 5800MHZ
  • 3. High 9dbi gain to extend coverage
  • 4. Provide pole mounting
  • Electrical Specification:
    Frequency 5100 ~ 5800MHZ
    Type Omni
    Polarization Vertical
    Gain 9dBi
    VSWR <=2.0
    Beam Width H-plane360˚
    E-plane 16˚
    Impedance 50Ω
    Connector Type N Type (Female)
    Environmental & Mechanical Characteristics:
    Temperature -20 to 65°C
    Lightning Protection DC Ground
    Radome Fiber glass
    Dimensions 410+ -10mm
    Weight 348g