TV channels through wireless ???

Hi folks,first of all I don\'t know if this is the right place to post this but I\'m going to take my chances. I\'m working for a company that provides TV channels through DOCSIS, so I can h...

ptp 100m line of sight

Hi, I\'ve just bought a house with no broadband connection. My brother lives about 100m LOS (320ft) away from me and has a 250mbit/s fiber connection. I can\'t decide what radios to buy. I j...

Dish alignment Rocket AC

Question, when setting up the dsih there is a level on the back. Do I make sure the post the dish is attached to is perfectly plumb or that the level on the back of sidh is level?? My post...

Small project recommendation

I posed this in another forum and didn\'t get an traction so I\'m thinking it was the wrong forum. Anyway, short story, I need to run an IP cam at each of the blue dots on the drawing and w...

supporting 4 12v IP cameras over 2km beside a lake for a rowing course

If people can offer suggestions for a particular challenge I have it would be very much appreciated: I am responsible for timing for a rowing event. Using 12v POE IP cameras from a home secu...

Switches and m5

I am running ip cameras on a nvr and need to put a bridge in to run 4 cameras at another building about 1000ft away. My question is out of the nvr do I run 4 Ethernet cables to a switch then...

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Dream Machine
UniFi Dream Machine
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UniFi AP AC InWall
Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC InWall
- Antenna Gain 1 dBi
- 1Gb RJ-45 3
- Poe IN PoE+ 802.3at
- PoE Out 802.3af
- Скорость 450/800 Мбит/с
- Частота 2.4/5 GGz
- Мощность 20 dBm
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UniFi Cloud Key
Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key
- Физический диск SDcard16 GB
- Storage 4 Gb
- Процессор Quad-Core SoC
- ОЗУ 2Gb
- 1Gb RJ-45 1
- Poe IN 802.3af PoE или USB-C 5V
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UniFi AP
Ubiquiti UniFi AP
- Poe IN 802.3af PoE или 9VDC
- Скорость 150 Мбит/с
- Частота 2.4 GGz
- Мощность 20 dBm
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