RocketAC Omni Multipoint feeding NanoBeam 5AC remote sites

RP5ACGen2 with AMO-5G13 Omni (Main Site) NBE-5AC-Gen2 pointing to AMO-5G13 at Main Site - Distance 500 to 2500 ft (less than 1 mile with line of site) Bandwidth needed (100mbps max) Is this ...

Remote Stations Wireless Bridge 7km and 4km

Hi All,We have 2 very remote Bore Transfer Stations on the outskirts of our Power Station and need assistance with the appropriate ubiquiti products to create point to point a wireless bridg...

Nanostation Secondary Port Power

Will the Nanostation M2 second port be able to to power a UAP-AC-LR AP? I have a 24VDC 1a POE injector to power the Nanostation which I want to use as a 2.4ghz client and router/gateway for...

need some info please

right now i am using 2 Ubiquiti PowerBeam Antenna (PBE-M5-300) from my sons house to mine everything works great , he has 300mg ( 285mg) and i get 95mg or so , its due to my dish and rout...

Guest Portal with DHCP for In-Wall AC

I hope to deploy dozens of In-Wall AC units and am looking for an internal DHCP controller so guests are on a separate network. Many of the AirMax products such as Nanostation and others of...

Move AP\'s to new controller

I know this is a beaten question but everytime I start reading all the previous posts on this subject I become more confused :-) so here\'s what I got. I’m looking at migrating our Unifi Con...

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Dream Machine
UniFi Dream Machine
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UniFi AP AC InWall
Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC InWall
- Antenna Gain 1 dBi
- 1Gb RJ-45 3
- Poe IN PoE+ 802.3at
- PoE Out 802.3af
- Скорость 450/800 Мбит/с
- Частота 2.4/5 GGz
- Мощность 20 dBm
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UniFi Cloud Key
Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key
- Физический диск SDcard16 GB
- Storage 4 Gb
- Процессор Quad-Core SoC
- ОЗУ 2Gb
- 1Gb RJ-45 1
- Poe IN 802.3af PoE или USB-C 5V
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UniFi AP
Ubiquiti UniFi AP
- Poe IN 802.3af PoE или 9VDC
- Скорость 150 Мбит/с
- Частота 2.4 GGz
- Мощность 20 dBm
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