UAP-AC-HD mounting best practice/help

hello folks,looking for suggestions on where to mount my access point it\'s a UAP-AC-PRO I was thinking of mounting it on a wall in my hallway but I\'m not sure if that is the best location ...

UAP-AC-M - does not support zero handoff / mobility ???

Hi, I had a look at the manual upfront and the UAP-AC-M is NOT listed NOT to support mobility/zeo handsoff.I have updated to the latest firmware to latest 3.8. I specifically bought them to ...

Mesh Pro has non connected clients

i have one mesh pro on a remote site and the controller is saying there non connected users. if i shutdown all AP\'s in around the the Mesh pro the clients on the near AP\'s dont show up at ...

Custom SSL Location

I have to replace my SSL certs on the controller with newer certificated but cannot seem to get it to work. It says it imported to the keystore and yet the old cert still exists. Even after ...

UAP-AC-M - clients dont get ip addresses, while a UAP-AC v2 and a UAP-AC Outdoors do

UNIFI Controller: 5.5.20On the same physical port configurd the same/ a trunk passing the ap vlan and the cleints vlans.UAP-AC-M - clients can t get ip from DHCP UAP-AC outdoors - clients g...

AP AC LR \"No devices found\"

I use the UniFi Controller (5.5.20) with Windows 10. If I deactivate the Windows firewall the AP is found.Is there a how-to, how the Windows firewall must be configured.As Router I use an ER...

Популярные модели

Dream Machine
UniFi Dream Machine
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UniFi AP AC InWall
Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC InWall
- Antenna Gain 1 dBi
- 1Gb RJ-45 3
- Poe IN PoE+ 802.3at
- PoE Out 802.3af
- Скорость 450/800 Мбит/с
- Частота 2.4/5 GGz
- Мощность 20 dBm
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UniFi Cloud Key
Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key
- Физический диск SDcard16 GB
- Storage 4 Gb
- Процессор Quad-Core SoC
- ОЗУ 2Gb
- 1Gb RJ-45 1
- Poe IN 802.3af PoE или USB-C 5V
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UniFi AP
Ubiquiti UniFi AP
- Poe IN 802.3af PoE или 9VDC
- Скорость 150 Мбит/с
- Частота 2.4 GGz
- Мощность 20 dBm
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