Connecting surveillance camera over a 2 kilometer gap

Hello,I am not very experienced with wireless technologies but I need to connect a surveillance camera to my computer over a span of about 2 - 3 kilometres. I am going to build my new house ...

Very beginner question about airGateway LR

I currently have a setup with an EdgeRouter X and a UAP-AC-LR. Everything works like I would want, and I\'m very pleased with it\'s performance.However, there is one corner of my house where...

WLAN for a 250M X 80M gated community

We live in a small gated community and currently use an old analog DVR CCTV solution which is practically EOLWe now intend to switch to an IP network for the CCTVs and while we are at it,we ...

Point-to-point between two ships at sea

Dear community! Could you please recommend me equipment for connecting two vessels at the sea with the distance approx. 300mI need to get something about 50Mbs (perfect) or at least 20Mbs (s...

Sector Antennas on Sophos AP

Dear Community, I\'m curious if it is possible to connect any random AP with the Sector antenna via antenna-cable. We have have Sophos firewall and AP\'s in use and we cannot switch products...

Re: PowerBeam 5AC 500 disconnects when accessed remotely


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Dream Machine
UniFi Dream Machine
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UniFi AP AC InWall
Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC InWall
- Antenna Gain 1 dBi
- 1Gb RJ-45 3
- Poe IN PoE+ 802.3at
- PoE Out 802.3af
- Скорость 450/800 Мбит/с
- Частота 2.4/5 GGz
- Мощность 20 dBm
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UniFi Cloud Key
Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key
- Физический диск SDcard16 GB
- Storage 4 Gb
- Процессор Quad-Core SoC
- ОЗУ 2Gb
- 1Gb RJ-45 1
- Poe IN 802.3af PoE или USB-C 5V
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UniFi AP
Ubiquiti UniFi AP
- Poe IN 802.3af PoE или 9VDC
- Скорость 150 Мбит/с
- Частота 2.4 GGz
- Мощность 20 dBm
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