Proxim Tsunami.

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Proxim Tsunami.GX – full-duplex Ethernet радиомост с новым дезайном "split-box". Это последнее поколение радиомостов Proxim Tsunami обладающее рядом новых преимуществ для обеспечения высокой производительности работы, уменьшения расходов связаных с расширением IP сетей и упрощения процедуры установки. Proxim Tsunami радиомосты разработаны с идеей обеспечить безопасность беспроводных технологий, значительно уменьшить общую стоимость оборудования и работ по развертывания беспроводных сетей.
Рабочий диапазон частот 5725-5850 МГц
Пропускная способность 98 Мбит/сек
Количество частотных каналов 1
Treshold (BER 10-6) не более -80  дБм
Выходная мощность передатчика не менее +23.0 дБм
Примерная дальность действия 51 км
Тип конфигурации Split-box: IDU, Радио модуль
Радиотехнология DSSS; QPSK
Макс. задержка в радиоканале 325 мкс ±10%
Security 12 character Link ID (48 бит)
Главный Канал 96 Мбит/сек, 48 Мбит/сек full duplex
10/100 Base T RJ-45 modular jack, Auto-sense MDI/MDI-X
10/100 Base FX SC-Type, multi-mode Fiber
Дополнительные Каналы  
T1 DSX-1 (2 each), RJ-48C modular jack
Вспомогательные Интерфейсы
Orderwire (DTMF) RJ-11, 100 addresses
VF 8 pin modular jack, 4-wire, 0dBm @ 600 ohm, balanced
Aux Data (serial) 8 pin modular jack, EIA-561, не менее19.2kbps, selectable, DCE
Условия Эксплуатации
Эксплуатационная Температура
IDU 0°C to +50°C
Радио модуль -30°C to +55°C
IDU 95% без конденсации
Радио модуль 100% без конденсации
IDU 2.9 кг
Радио модуль 5.4 кг
IDU 43.6 X 27.6 X 4.4
Радио модуль 35.8 X 27.6 X 4.4
Механически е параметры
Разьем на антенном порт у N female
Разьем на IDU порту

TNC female


The Tsunami.GX 90 is a DS-3 capacity, full-duplex point-to-point wireless Ethernet bridge designed for Enterprise IP and PBX extension and for Internet Service Provider data backhaul.

Note. Manufactory Shipping Container includes: Tsunami.GX 90 IDU (Indoor Unit); 5.8GHz ISM High Band RF Unit; IDU Indoor Rack Management Kit; ACC-GX-RF-1 RF Unit Indoor; Mounting Kit (includes 12” IDU to RFU TNC-to-TNC cable); Quick Instal Guide; CD-User Documentation


Fast, Cost-Effective Extension of IP Networks
Proxim's Tsunami.GX is a full-duplex point-to-point wireless Ethernet bridge with an innovative split-box design. This latest generation of high-capacity wireless bridges is designed to reduce the expense of extending IP networks and to simplify installation. Secure wireless technology significantly reduces total cost of ownership and speeds deployment, while a split-box design adds installation flexibility. The Tsunami.GX also provides best-in-class system performance with native IP interfaces by eliminating the overhead associated with DS3-to-Ethernet connections

  • Perfect for data and data/voice network backhaul applications and for replacing, extending or backing up leased lines
  • Indoor-only installation facilitates quick maintenance and easier upgrades
  • Indoor/outdoor installation improves system gain and reduces total cost of ownership

Easily manage and trouble-shoot your wireless network
Tsunami.GX bridges offer sophisticated, preventative management tools to simplify network maintenance and eliminate downtime. Advanced diagnostic tools identify and isolate potential issues before they impact the network.

  • Standards-based SNMP management and web-based GUI simplifies remote management and integrates easily into existing software platforms
  • Built-in spectrum analyzer and an alarm log facilitate RF planning and post-deployment tuning

The Cost of Ethernet at the Speed of DS-3
Backed by more than 20 years of wireless design innovation, Proxim's Tsunami wireless bridge family easily and affordably enables network extension, redundancy and backhaul. Tsunami wireless bridges eliminate fiber installation costs and leased line fees to bring you the capacity of DS-3 with the TCO of Ethernet.

  • High capacity for bandwidth-intensive applications such as PBX extension, data backhaul and critical link redundancy
  • No expensive recurring leased line costs
  • Superior system gain ensures consistent, high quality network operation

Deploy in daysa
Because Tsunami bridges operate in license-exempt ISM frequency bands, they can be deployed quickly - eliminating the long lead times associated with leasing lines or trenching new fiberoptic cable. This is especially useful in network redundancy and contingency planning.

  • Rapid device deployment and flexible re-deployment
  • ISPs maintain business continuity, even in severe conditions
  • Enterprises minimize costly business application downtime

Reliable and Secure
A wireless alternative to a wired network yields quality as well as flexibility. Proxim's Tsunami bridges offer the highest security and reliability available in networking today.

  • Over 99.999% reliable RF transmission
  • Meets or exceeds wired network security
  • Proprietary encryption methods ensure secure data transmission


  • Enterprise LAN and PBX extension
  • WAN connection redundancy
  • ISP remote POP
  • ISP direct customer connections using point-to-point
  • Multipoint backhaul at DS-3 performance
  • Extension of an existing fiber network