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В процессе производства. Точка доступа для общественных зон доступа. Поддержка до 500 зарегестрированных и 2000 случайных клиентов. 200 мВт.
  • WSR-3800 is an all-in-one product specially designed for a variety of applications for users who are seeking for wireless connection to the Internet, tracking, mailing, etc. Businesses who are installing and providing wireless access by using the WSR-3800 can potentially increase the quality of service and sales of the hosting area in a multitude of applications such as a small cafe, restaurant, school, small business, or a hospitality solutions provider just to name a few.
  • The WSR-3800 works with a built-in authentication and accounting server to validate customer logins and to monitor usage status. It enables you to enforce usage limits based on predefined quotas. The unit can be desk or wall mounted. There is the option to have a customised subscriber login page to the users, which is an ideal revenue generator as you can sell the advertising space. Within conference centres it allows exhibitors and attendees to access the Internet enabling your guests to continue business even when away from their office.
  • - IP PnP (NAT Mode)
  • - User Isolation
  • - 2 Private LAN Port for internal users, and management, and MAC / IP Address pass-through for privileged users or devices get accessed without authentication, 2 Public LAN Port for public and wireless user via Authentication.
  • - Powerful firewall and DOS supported.
  • - Built-in local user database of maximum 500 local user accounts
  • - Support to build 2 authentication policies, each policy can set up different authentication and authorization
  • - Support external authentication methods: RADIUS
  • - Support both Local and RADIUS Accounting
  • - Redem supported
  • - Bandwidth Control (QoS)
  • - Monitor IP function for monitor online session.
  • - Walled Garden
  • - Inter-IP-Segment Roaming
  • - Support traffic control from Layer2 to Layer4 with IEEE802.1x standard
  • - Daily Report
  • - Quick Start Wizard via 8 steps
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