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16-09-2017, 14:41

Point-to-point between two ships at sea

Категория: AirMax Getting Started

Dear community!


Could you please recommend me equipment for connecting two vessels at the sea with the distance approx. 300m

I need to get something about 50Mbs (perfect) or at least 20Mbs (still acceptable). Is it possible?


I'm thinking about Rocket M2 with AM-2g16-90 sector antenna on each ship

ships will have to made antennas point to each other, but i  am afraid the rolling of ships in wave will drop connection due to low vertical beamwidth of antenna.


Could you please share your thougths about such situation?


Will two omni-directional antennas provide required speed  at this distance?


Am i right about 2.4Ghz will performs better than 5Ghz in this situation?


 PS. is it possible to combine several antennas at each ship to wide-up coverage angle?


Point-to-point between two ships at sea

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