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16-09-2017, 14:41

Short distance and near power line

Категория: AirMax Getting Started

I'm planing a PtP conection of aproximatly 300 m that goes paralel to a powerline. Is there a recomondation of an airMax device and things i have to be aware.
Thanks for the help

16-09-2017, 14:41

400+ft Connection With Trees

Категория: AirMax Getting Started

I live in a secondary house on my grandparent's property and I'm trying to get their 50Mb/s internet to my house. My concern with wireless bridging is all of the trees. So I'm posting here to see if anyone can recommend something for me with a decent budget. 


16-09-2017, 14:41

Werhouse Wi-Fi/NVR Survilence

Категория: AirMax Getting Started

Hi guys.

I was tasked by my friend to design wifi network for Survilence, there will be two or tree cameras per Zone.

Cameras are HikVision or Dahua PoE.

NVR is in his office and they have UTP cable to Metal Pole in picture.

Zone 1, 2 and 3 are on lighting poles and in clear LOS, also in future there will be Zone 4.

Every zone will have electricity from lighting poles.

What gear do you recommend for this task.


16-09-2017, 14:41

First time - need advice

Категория: AirMax Getting Started

Hi Folks,


I have to install a 16 camera surveilance system in a building two buildings away from our office.  The buildings are no more than 300ft apart with a good line of sight.  I have no internet or network presence in this second building either.  I My initial thought is two airMax AC's and a toughSwitch 5port POE.  One AC in my office, the second AC nad the switch in the second building.


My question two-fold... First, is this a viable solution, have I left out any specific hardware required? If the solution is viable, then what specific airMax model would you recommend to cover the distance?


Thanks in advance.

16-09-2017, 14:41

Connecting surveillance camera over a 2 kilometer gap

Категория: AirMax Getting Started


I am not very experienced with wireless technologies but I need to connect a surveillance camera to my computer over a span of about 2 - 3 kilometres. I am going to build my new house in that distance from my current home and I would like to have a 24h monitoring of the constructions site, but that is not the point.

I was looking around Ubiquiti products portfolio and I found some interesting products like LiteBeam or AirGrid which are capable of closing the distance but I am not sure if I can simply connect a camera to one antenna (via Ethernet cable) and my PC to the other (directly or via a switch) and have the setup running. Will the LiteBeam pair be transparent (after proper configuration) and let me log into the camera ? If not then is there a product that will allow me to achieve my goal ? Any suggestions are welcome but please note that, like always, I am on a tight budget and the range is not too extreme (at least by the Ubiquiti standards) so entry level hardware will have to do.

Thanks in advance for any advice.



16-09-2017, 14:41

Very beginner question about airGateway LR

Категория: AirMax Getting Started

I currently have a setup with an EdgeRouter X and a UAP-AC-LR. Everything works like I would want, and I'm very pleased with it's performance.

However, there is one corner of my house where the coverage is spotty, and I would like to shore it up. I have a wired ethernet connection and power available in this corner of the house. I currently have a TiVo hooked up through that wired connection.

What I would like to do is connect (wired) an airGateway LR, power it with a PoE injector locally, and then connect the TiVo to the wired connection through the airGateway LR. Is this even possible? I tried for a very short time yesterday to accomplish this setup, and I got nowhere. I could not get the TiVo to connect to the network through the airGateway.

If this setup is possible, I assume I set up the airGateway with the same SSID, different channel, adjust the power of it and the existing AP, and I should get some pretty decent roaming from one AP to the other?

Or is there a completely different way I should be thinking about adding APs to my existing network?

16-09-2017, 14:41

WLAN for a 250M X 80M gated community

Категория: AirMax Getting Started

We live in a small gated community and currently use an old analog DVR CCTV solution which is practically EOL

We now intend to switch to an IP network for the CCTVs and while we are at it,we are also hoping to setup a community WLAN that can be used for provisioning Internet Access in the common/opean areas.


The total number of IP cameras is 8 with the possibility of extending it to say 12 if needed

The total number of residents is around 150 with say a maximum of 50 concurrent users and an average of 15-20


The attached image should help visualize it.

The server room is in the Community area while the cameras are mounted in the central area of Block A-B-C

All the houses are two floor units although some of the trees that can be seen just to the right of the Community area are fairly tall - However It's a single row of trees so while it impacts the line-of-sight but does not block it completely


I currently have two options


1) Run CAT6  from server room to Block A and B + OFC with media converter to Block C along the outer boundary - Then add a switch in each block that hooks wired to the Camera as well as few Access Points to provision WLAN access for that zone


2) Opt for a fully  wireless model using AirMax . I spoke to a vendor today who said he could set allof this up using a combination of Nanostation M2 and M5 


While I would  certainly prefer to avoid going the cable route , somehow I was not fully convinced by the technical capabilities of the vendor in question 



Coming to my doubts now:


A) Would a Airmax setup in the layout be reliable enough for a CCTV NVR setup?


B) Are Nanostations M2 and M5 really the right product for this kind of a use case?


C) What is the realistic stable throughput I can expect 


It's probably worth mentioning that this is located in the middle of a big city in India and we are surrounded by several tall residential towers  so expect a lot of 802.11 noise and interefernce in the neighborhood


16-09-2017, 14:41

Point-to-point between two ships at sea

Категория: AirMax Getting Started

Dear community!


Could you please recommend me equipment for connecting two vessels at the sea with the distance approx. 300m

I need to get something about 50Mbs (perfect) or at least 20Mbs (still acceptable). Is it possible?


I'm thinking about Rocket M2 with AM-2g16-90 sector antenna on each ship

ships will have to made antennas point to each other, but i  am afraid the rolling of ships in wave will drop connection due to low vertical beamwidth of antenna.


Could you please share your thougths about such situation?


Will two omni-directional antennas provide required speed  at this distance?


Am i right about 2.4Ghz will performs better than 5Ghz in this situation?


 PS. is it possible to combine several antennas at each ship to wide-up coverage angle?


16-09-2017, 14:41

Sector Antennas on Sophos AP

Категория: AirMax Getting Started

Dear Community,


I'm curious if it is possible to connect any random AP with the Sector antenna via antenna-cable. We have have Sophos firewall and AP's in use and we cannot switch products due to central management and provisionig. Yet I would really like to install a Sophos AP inside the Building and route two antenna-cables to an outside-mounted antenna from Ubiquiti if possible. The productmarketing shows the installation of the Rocket-Thingi but it seems that from that device it also justs connects via antenna cables to the Sector Atenna, so it should be possible to connect any AP to the sector, correct ?


Kind regards,


16-09-2017, 14:41

Re: PowerBeam 5AC 500 disconnects when accessed remotely

Категория: AirMax Getting Started


What will it do?

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