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16-09-2017, 14:41

WLAN for a 250M X 80M gated community

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We live in a small gated community and currently use an old analog DVR CCTV solution which is practically EOL

We now intend to switch to an IP network for the CCTVs and while we are at it,we are also hoping to setup a community WLAN that can be used for provisioning Internet Access in the common/opean areas.


The total number of IP cameras is 8 with the possibility of extending it to say 12 if needed

The total number of residents is around 150 with say a maximum of 50 concurrent users and an average of 15-20


The attached image should help visualize it.

The server room is in the Community area while the cameras are mounted in the central area of Block A-B-C

All the houses are two floor units although some of the trees that can be seen just to the right of the Community area are fairly tall - However It's a single row of trees so while it impacts the line-of-sight but does not block it completely


I currently have two options


1) Run CAT6  from server room to Block A and B + OFC with media converter to Block C along the outer boundary - Then add a switch in each block that hooks wired to the Camera as well as few Access Points to provision WLAN access for that zone


2) Opt for a fully  wireless model using AirMax . I spoke to a vendor today who said he could set allof this up using a combination of Nanostation M2 and M5 


While I would  certainly prefer to avoid going the cable route , somehow I was not fully convinced by the technical capabilities of the vendor in question 



Coming to my doubts now:


A) Would a Airmax setup in the layout be reliable enough for a CCTV NVR setup?


B) Are Nanostations M2 and M5 really the right product for this kind of a use case?


C) What is the realistic stable throughput I can expect 


It's probably worth mentioning that this is located in the middle of a big city in India and we are surrounded by several tall residential towers  so expect a lot of 802.11 noise and interefernce in the neighborhood


WLAN for a 250M X 80M gated community

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