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16-09-2017, 14:25

AP cannot be configured

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Hi everyone!


I'm facing  a  strange symptom almost every day with one of my  4 APs (AP AC PRO):

I have the controller software running on a  cloud key.  Everything works fine but if I oen the controller software I  see 1 LAN device (my switch) and for WLAN devices (my 4 APs) in the upper right corner. However in the lower left corner it says  4 devices (1 LAN, 3 WLAN).

clicking on devices, I get the information that all 5 devices are connected, but the order is a bit different from usual. This morning "WLAN-KG" was on top of the list.  I clicked on  this device and  got an empty window on the right. Now chance to configure anything. It works for  the other 4 devices. Checking with my iPhone, the  AP WLAN-KG gives  me full wifi connection. In the topology chart this AP is marked with a "?".  Checking with  the iOS app, I was able to configure this AP normally.  After restart  of the AP (that works  using  the controller software) everything was fine again. Yesterday I had the same problem with another AP.


Is there  a software bug (cloud keay, controller, AP)?




AP cannot be configured

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