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16-09-2017, 14:41

Small project recommendation

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I posed this in another forum and didn't get an traction so I'm thinking it was the wrong forum.  Anyway, short story, I need to run an IP cam at each of the blue dots on the drawing and would appreciate some recommendations on what gear I need to use.  The distance is very short so I'm curious if I should just purchase a legacy product like the Unifi AP Outdoor.  However I would prefer to use a wired IP cam and not sure the best route to go to beam wifi to each location and then have a reiceiving device with an ethernet port.  I was looking at the Nano m5 but again I'm not exactly sure if that would be complete overkill for something like this.  Unfortunately digging a trench for ethernet is not an option.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.  [img][/img]

Small project recommendation

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