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16-09-2017, 14:41

Remote Stations Wireless Bridge 7km and 4km

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Hi All,

We have 2 very remote Bore Transfer Stations on the outskirts of our Power Station and need assistance with the appropriate ubiquiti products to create point to point a wireless bridge.

The first transfer station is located 7 kilometres away and the second 4 kilometres away, showed in below diagram.




The transfer station at 4 km is somewhat line of sight from the top of the power station. But the other at 7km is not line of sight.

We would only require a 100mb link. But if a gigabit link is possible we would like to consider that also.

Would Ubiquiti have products that can solve our dilemma?

Any advice greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks,


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Remote Stations Wireless Bridge 7km and 4km

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