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16-09-2017, 14:25

Move AP's to new controller

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I know this is a beaten question but everytime I start reading all the previous posts on this subject I become more confused :-) so here's what I got.


I’m looking at migrating our Unifi Controller 5.5.20 to another server. I found this great “How To”

but have some questions before I do this.


  1. I have three sites on three different subnets in physically different buildings/locations. I take it I will follow the instructions for all three sites, exporting, importing, and forgetting, then on to the next site. Will being on different subnets be a problem?
  2. On the new controller, should I restore the actual controller backup before I start importing sites? I want as little data brought over from the old controller, just configuration settings.
  3. I do have a DNS entry for “unfi” which points to the old controllers IP address. Should I change this to point to the new controllers IP address before I start the migration or after. I’m assuming I want to do this before because in step 8 it asks to put in the URL for the new controller and if I have the DNS already changed I can put in http://unifi for the URL leaving the :8080 and /inform fields alone. Unfortunately it looks like the “set-inform” was configured to the IP address of the old controller and not the “unfi” DNS entry.

Note that I cannot keep the same IP address for the controller. The server that hosts the old controller has other services running on it. 


Thanks for your input

Move AP's to new controller

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