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16-09-2017, 14:25

UAP-AC-HD Secondary Port?

Категория: UniFi

So i did some reading on here and it appears the UAP-AC-HD has a secondary port but its purpose is just to pass data traffic (passthrough) to another device without POE. 


However my question is this, how does this access point achieve the 1733Mbps transfer rates or even the burst rates of 2533mbps it talks about if the port on it is only rated for 1Gbps? I was thinking you can do a port channel and tie the two ports together as one port and have a 2Gbps connection back to the switch, is that possible to configure? Otherwise how does it achieve these speeds with the bottle neck being the switch port? Not knocking the WAP at all its a great device i am new to it so im trying to figure that piece out if its possible to do that if not i move on and it is what it is until wireless ax comes out Man Happy

UAP-AC-HD Secondary Port?

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